The Story of Trixie’s Oven

Cookies baked with love by a drag queen in Hudson, New York.

Once upon a time, in a little city called Hudson, lived a beautiful and soft-spoken drag queen named Trixie Starr.  One day, the coffee roaster said, "Trixie, you are an incredible baker!  You should bake cookies for the people while they drink my coffee!"  Trixie did - and the people of Hudson loved Trixie's cookies!

Trixie set up an LLC and a NYS Agriculture and Markets certified kitchen, and now bakes cookies from home.  Every morning, Trixie puts on the finest taffeta dress and pearls in the land and sings happy tunes while baking!  Woodland creatures sit outside Trixie's kitchen while songbirds fly and sing, waiting for the latest batch!

It's the LOVE that goes into each cookie that makes them taste so good!  Everyone in the City of Hudson ate Trixie cookies and they lived happily ever after.

The End.